Namaste & Buddha Yoga Pants, Hoodie & Skirt Outfits

September 27, 2008 | New Designs

Namaste to two zen like outfits in the liliputians boutique. All are perfect for your little yogini and zen mama too. The chocolate brown appliqued Buddha hoodie and yoga pants with “namaste” down the leg are perfect for those casual days . . . and downward dogs, cobras, warriors and tree poses.buddha lotus skirt set buddha lotus skirt set

Have some mother daughter matchy matchy goodness with the appliqued Buddha tees; hot pink for girl and chocolate brown for mama.

buddha shirt

For a little dressier looking outfit, the colorful Buddha print with contrasting lotus blossom hem skirt is super sweet! (And yes, an A-line skirt for women of the same prints will soon be available.)
buddha lotus skirt set

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