Save Small Business in America from the CPSIA

January 7, 2009 | Daily News

I thought I should do an update on this topic since it has not gone away and the looming deadline only gets closer and closer.  Will February 10th mean bankruptcy for hundreds of thousands of American small businesses, micro businesses and small manufacturers?  I sure hope not!

For those unfamiliar with this topic, please read the article I wrote for Boutique Cafe on 12/17/08.  I will be writing an update for that site this week.

For those that have heard of CPSIA (and wish they hadn’t) please do the following to help get this legislation amended.  It can not function as it is written.  There needs to be exemptions, acceptance of component testing, and more reasonable (meaning cost effective and nondestructive) accepted testing methods like XRF.

Our voices are being heard.  Let’s keep it that way and shout even louder.  SAVE SMALL BUSINESS IN AMERICA!

1)  EMAIL THE CPSIA - – with your views on testing.  They have issued a Request for Comments and are accepting emails until 1/30. 

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  2. Have you brought this up on Urban Baby? I haven’t been on Urban Baby in years, and just started a thread there on this topic. I wasn’t very eloquent though and it could probably benefit from some additional explanation.

    By Simone on Jan 12, 2009

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